Water pollution poems

Water pollution poem.

Water pollution is really bad,
it makes people sick and sad.
Throwing junk into the sea,
makes it green just like a pea.
It does not help us, not at all,
even if your big or small.

Polluted water everywhere,
 polluted water, we can't bear.
Stop polluting, let's work together,
to make the water clean and better.
Water means the world to us,

so come and work, don't make a fuss.
Polluted water everywhere,
polluted water, we can't bear!

By Isabella

"Water! Water! Every where, but not a single drop to drink."

The writter in this poem was talking of the salty sea waters. But as time passes this statement could apply to more than salt. The levels of water pollution are rising and perhaps the united states have already realised this more than any other country. Levels of industries in the U.S.A is high causing a consequent rise in the level of water pollution from the waste products.

Believe it or not! Not a single river in the U.S.A is safe to drink from.